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Family Flow

School's out!

Flow, laugh + grow together.

Families come to stretch + learn about yoga - its Sanskrit names + origins.

Each class offers an interactive way to discover a new pose. From drawing to storytelling, the young + the young at heart come together in movement + mindfulness.

Led by mama Katherine, who will sequence a class that allows both adult + child to discover their creativity.

About Suru Studio

  • Ideal for children aged 3 and up
  • Activities are available in the yoga room + in the lounge should children want to step off their mat
  • No yoga experience necessary for parent or child
  • We provide mats + props

Course Details

 Wednesdays 10:45 AM

July 10 to August 14

$90 for all six weeks OR $20 drop in*

*fee includes one adult and one child

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Flow with Babe (four weeks)

Catering to new mamas + babes aged between six weeks to 12 months.

We're closing off the summer with a special four week course.

This class caters to new mamas and babes aged between six weeks to 12 months. Address the needs of your postpartum body in a welcoming, inclusive space with other new mamas, while allowing you time to bond with your baby.

About your instructor:
Catherine is a holistic nutritionist and labour / postpartum doula. In 2017, Catherine obtained her 200-hour yoga certification. In addition, she has her 25-hour postnatal certification through Toronto Yoga Mamas. 

Course details:
August 6 - 27
Tuesdays 10:30 - 11:30 AM
$60 for four weeks or $20 drop in 

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Barre Essentials

Learn how to teach barre in a course that draws from principles from classical ballet, dance conditioning, yoga, pilates, functional movement and strength training to create unique and effective movement practice which can be modified for all bodies. As a teacher, you will learn principles rather than memorizing sequences so you are able to create your own barre sequences which are fun, innovative and will bring your clients back again and again!

What Makes This Course Unique:

  • Cross-Modalities: We bring the best of many modalities together to create intelligent classes that build strength, flexibility and fill in gaps from other movement practices in a fun and non-judgmental way. 
  • Inclusive: You don’t need to have professional dance training or previous experience. We believe that anyone can learn how to practice and teach well with commitment.
  • Full Range of Motion: Students get stronger and more flexible, rather than just getting end-range movements to look ‘ripped’. Our focus is on moving better and our classes are intelligent and result-focused.
  • Principles Not Memorization: We will empower you to teach, rather than give you a script to memorize. You will be uniquely qualified to find your own voice and path and will have the tools to become an in-demand instructor!

Key Learning Objectives:

1.     Functional anatomy as it pertains to barre;
2.     Set-up, technique and cues which systematically target full range of motion for major movement centres in upper body, lower body and core;
3.     Progressions and regressions for strength and mobility;
4.     Skillful use of props;
5.     Counter-stretches and movements to ensure proper cool-down;
6.     Modifications for particular injuries or stages (i.e. pregnancy);
7.     How to count and teach to music;
8.     The art of varied speed; 
9.     How to creating effective playlists;
10.   Intelligent sequencing
11.   Adjustments and Targeted Cueing

More About the Instructor:
Morgan Cowie is the creator of Mosaic Yoga in Toronto, ON. She committed to a life of teaching and studying movement more than ten years ago. After completely a degree in academic philosophy followed by years working in Toronto's cultural industries, Morgan found that yoga practice left her feeling more hopeful and inspired than anything else she had ever encountered. She trained initially at Octopus Garden Yoga Centre in Toronto where she eventually became a part of the Yoga Teacher Training faculty, one of several yoga teacher training faculties she has contributed to before founding and leading the Mosaic Yoga 200-Hour Program. 

After years of yoga, Morgan realized the rhythm and conditioning of barre classes was the missing piece to her movement lexicon and she’s studied barre extensively for several years through the lens of ballerinas, fitness trainers and pilates instructors to ultimately create a unique, layered and effective (and fun!) method. Her teachings are suited for communities of like-minded practitioners who love to explore new movement modalities for the sake of health, connection and committed action.

Course Dates:

Friday, August 16 5:30 - 9:30 PM

Saturday, August 17 9 AM to 6 PM

Sunday, August 18 9 AM to 6 PM

COST: $400 + HST

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19-Jul-2019 7:15 PM

Punk Rock Yoga offers acceptance and paying attention to your body in a fun, non-intimidating way. Mixing the healing powers of music, breath work and yoga asana, PRY invites all to join in - whether you’re super new to yoga, a long time student or just intrigued. 

We'll begin with a warm up and some core work to ease into a flow and build fire in the body. We'll add in time to release and create space. In the final portion of class we focus on cooling down with yin postures. Music is super curated and no, you don’t have to be a super fan of punk music to enjoy the experience. This class is accessible to all bodies! Modifications are provided.

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Restore + Meditate with singing Bowls

26-Jul-2019 7:15 PM

Join Karen with special guest Peter Monos who will serenade you in a soothing Tibetan singing bowls experience.

You will be led through a relaxing restorative and meditation practice with the sounds of chimes and bowls vibrating in the background.

No prior yoga or meditation experience required. Comfortable layered attire is recommended.

About your facilitators:
Karen is a graduate of Octopus Garden's restorative yoga program and has completed more than 700 hours of yoga therapy training. She believes in the benefit of complementing an active or hectic lifestyle with restorative yoga.

Peter has been playing Tibetan bowls for the past three years, gradually increasing his orchestra over the length of his practice. As his personal practice and knowledge of yoga history has developed, a deeper appreciation for one's own experience has taken a leading influence.

Event details:
Friday, July 26
7:15 - 8:45 PM
$20 drop in | regular class pass | membership applies

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2-Aug-2019 4:15 PM

Flow, laugh + grow.

Families come to stretch + learn about yoga, their Sanskirt names + origins. Each class offers an interactive way to discover a new pose. From drawing to storytelling, the young + the young at heart can have fun together while incorporating movement + mindfulness.

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Immersive Soundbath (cannabis friendly)

2-Aug-2019 7:15 PM

We're bringing back our immersive soundbath with Nicole!

We'll guide you through gentle stretches, breath work and lead you into a healing soundbath to promote balance and well-being.

Feel vibrations, hear words, chanting, singing bowls, gongs and chimes. Your experience may involve physical sensations or an emotional release. You may journey into deep self-inquiry or you may fall asleep. Simply see what arises.

This class is cannabis-friendly, which means you'll be able to consume before and during your practice. 

Modifications are provided. Props are encouraged. No yoga or meditation experience required. Non cannabis consumers are also welcome.

About your facilitator:
Nicole received her Certificate in Sound Therapy from the Institute of Traditional Medicine (ITM) in 2018. Using a variety of instruments and tools including voice, crystal quartz singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, shakers, kalimba and chimes, she provides sound therapy in both private and group settings, including at-home and workplace visits. In addition to a long-standing interest in psychology, mindfulness and spirituality, Nicole brings years of experience performing live onstage and collaborating in studio as a vocalist and lyricist to her practice. Nicole has had the privilege of providing sound therapy at a number of organizations and in a variety of settings including ITM’s Integrative Heath Care Clinic, Unison Health & Community Services and Better Life Studios in Toronto.  

Event details:
Friday, August 2
7:15 - 8:45 PM
$20 drop in fee | regular class pass | membership applies